Top 7 Fastest Web Hosting Sites

Since Google now includes page speed as a ranking factor in search results, web hosting speed is a big deal. When we were searching for the fastest web hosting, we were surprised that the top result for that search term didn’t include some of the fastest hosts! The site we found which purports to test speed of different hosts only includes the top 6, but we found a host that appears to beat them all for the fastest overall scores in the US, so we’re listing the top 7 fastest web hosts.

Ranking Results

Fastest Web Hosting Speed Test Results average server response time in milliseconds (smaller numbers are better)
Fastest Web Hosting Speed Test Results average server response time in milliseconds (smaller numbers are better)

For this comparison we’ve taken an average of 8 different locations around the world (7 different countries with 2 in the USA). We’re ranking them based on their average response time based from from all these locations combined. Again, similar to our USA only comparison, AccelerHosting got the best score and seems to be a large margin in the lead being close to 40ms ahead of it’s closest competitor. AccelerHosting seems to be the clear winner here, unless you’re only interested in localized speed for a specific area, in which case you might look to the other contenders.

Global Averages

Here are the list of hosts ordered by their global average response times:

 HostGlobal AverageRank
AccelerHosting108 ms1
iPage146 ms2
SiteGround147 ms3
Inmotion149 ms4
GreenGeeks190 ms5
A2 Hosting170 ms6
InterServer179 ms7

The New Top Performer

Since AccelerHosting’s scores weren’t on Bitcatcha’s main list of the fastest reviewed sites, even though they show as the fastest overall in the US, we’re posting a link to the speed checker result (though we’re not sure how long these results are kept on their server) and the screenshot of the Bitcatcha scores here:

AccelerHosting’s results for Bitcatcha’s Server Speed Checker

You might think that a few milliseconds doesn’t matter so much, but this time will add up and compound when one request depends on another. First your page HTML has to be retrieved before anything else, which then references some of your other files (CSS, images, etc), but then some of those other files may then yet reference even further more files (such as a CSS file referencing other image files). Each call adds additional latency. It all adds up and can affect your site speed more than what it might seem on the surface! That’s why we’re also planning on doing Google PageSpeed test to see how they all stack up cumulatively.

The Full Data

For reference here is the full list of scores along with their global average:

 US (West)US (East)LondonSingaporeSao PauloBangaloreSydneyJapanAverage
AccelerHosting3 ms2 ms181 ms248 ms108 ms324 ms1 ms2 ms109 ms
GreenGeeks 48 ms 1 ms 217 ms 436 ms 137 ms 320 ms 222 ms 146 ms 191 ms
SiteGround 53 ms 1 ms 104 ms 241 ms 142 ms 257 ms 231 ms 143 ms 147 ms
Bluehost 39 ms 26 ms 339 ms 245 ms 143 ms 375 ms 183 ms 159 ms 189 ms
InterServer 66 ms 9 ms 275 ms 256 ms 142 ms 252 ms 268 ms 165 ms 179 ms
iPage 78 ms 8 ms 93 ms 255 ms 120 ms 205 ms 235 ms 173 ms 146 ms
Inmotion 64 ms 26 ms 90 ms 250 ms 129 ms 225 ms 230 ms 180 ms 149 ms
HostGator 31 ms 74 ms 324 ms 195 ms 175 ms 286 ms 177 ms 128 ms 174 ms
A2 Hosting 86 ms 19 ms 104 ms 262 ms 152 ms306 ms 248 ms179 ms170 ms

The main numbers we looked at for our graph were there worldwide average for all the locations together, though if you’re more interested in only specific areas you can see the breakdown above. For those interested primarily in the US markets, we’ve done a separate review of the US scores. If you want to check the scores of your current host, head over to Bitcatcha’s report page, which is where we got all of the data for this report.


We hope this comparison has been helpful in evaluating the speed of different hosts, and that it helps you in your journey to find the fastest web hosting! In the future we’ll be looking at other scores such as GTmetrix and Google’s PageSpeed Insights. Google is of course the most widely used search engine in the world, so it would make sense to trust their scores. Stay tuned for more tests and rankings coming soon!

If you find a faster host, please drop us a line in our comments and we’ll try to add it. Thank you!

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